How to Find Happiness by Going Down a Step

Three accounts of working people who rejected the norm and discovered deeper significance in their professional lives.

Every day, more tales of the great resignation are presented to us. The epidemic has flipped the world upside down in many different ways, and the thought of moving away from a career that is no longer gratifying in order to pursue something that has more purpose is enticing for many people.

According to recent studies, those who place a higher value on their time as opposed to their financial status report higher levels of satisfaction. But what about those people who take an even greater “step down” in terms of the money they make, the status they enjoy, the respect they receive, and the security of their employment?

As part of a larger research on significant career shifts and the hunt for meaning, we conducted interviews with working professionals who voluntarily and consciously changed their career path in order to carve out a more meaningful path for themselves.

Here are eight helpful hints for going down a level

1. If you have a hunch that something would be of interest to you, then you should act on that intuition

Diane, ever since she was a small child, has had the desire to travel to the outback of Australia. Therefore, when the occasion arose for her to move from New York to Sydney, she did not waste any time in seizing the opportunity. Diane was an accomplished cosmetic marketer at L’Oréal, and the company made opportunities for her to continue her career in Australia, but she declined them because she thought she needed to broaden her horizons. Diane had her first inkling that a career in the great outdoors was in her destiny while she was helping to assist organize an outdoor adventure competition.

How to Find Happiness by Going Down a Step
If you have a hunch that something would be of interest to you, then you should act on that intuition

Diane finally landed the job of her dreams after a few years of searching for chances that piqued her interest. She works as a ranger at a national park. “Being outside in nature is what makes me the happiest,” she adds. “I get to experience things like snakes and insects, as well as flowers and the changing of the seasons. That is priceless.”

2. Be ready to make concessions along the road and to deal with the unexpected; have humility, and seek assistance when you need it

Diane’s readiness to take on new challenges has resulted in a number of promotions for her, but it has required her to make sacrifices in her personal life, including her social life. “My existence is insular by definition,” she explains. “I live alone.” “Beyond the pleasure of the actual profession, I have to continually come up with strategies to retain my sanity, happiness, and balance,” she said.

How to Find Happiness by Going Down a Step
Be ready to make concessions along the road and to deal with the unexpected; have humility, and seek assistance when you need it

However, one of the advantages of her chosen line of work is that it has provided her with a sense of freedom. “You try things, you fail, you learn, and you bounce back,” she adds. “You try things, you learn, and you bounce back.” There is no one else to blame; you must make do with what you have and produce what you can. “There is nobody else to blame.”

3. Never refuse to have a dialogue about a new opportunity; nevertheless, you are free to refuse an offer at any time

Brandon, who had previously been in the hotel and alcohol sector in Barcelona, was introduced to the BBC through a business connection. As a result of taking on the job of ambassador, he uncovered a deep-seated interest in the field of television. This resulted in the beginning of an entirely new profession as a documentary filmmaker.

Brandon may be seen running a bar with his business partner Joan when he is not gathering information on the people and history of the Catalunya region. “I have let things to flow as they should, and destiny has played its role,” he adds. “Destiny has done its role.”

“I also had the bravery to accept the risk of doing something new with no assurances, spurred by the serendipity of the BBC turning up and exposing a new interest for me,” she said. “I had no idea what I was getting myself into.”

4. Pick your moment: before you attempt to reach the stratosphere, you should think about a variety of factors, including funds, logistics, studies, and support

Brandon did not immediately begin his career as a documentary filmmaker. Instead, he decided to take some time off to explore his options, and he started his professional life by doing some pro bono work while also consulting on the side. The cash flow that was created by the bar was quite helpful for supplementing the income that Brandon earned from his employment in television.

5. Don’t just assume that your interest will automatically transfer into a successful job path; examine the situation from every angle

If Brandon had chosen to manage a bar instead of doing films, he would not have been exposed to the same level of intellectual stimulation that he gets now from making documentaries. He believes that “all that happened happened for the right reasons at the appropriate time.” “Over the course of my life, I have had the pleasure of developing meaningful relationships with an extremely diverse group of individuals, all of which have provided me with extraordinary chances and experiences.”

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6. Assume that you will need extra knowledge or training and have the confidence that the endeavor you are beginning later in life will be beneficial

Charlotte, a former financial manager, found herself at a crossroads in her professional life after moving to Paris and having a third child. She decided to leave her comfortable position at Goldman Sachs and pursue a career in nutrition, a subject that had always been of great interest to her.

How to Find Happiness by Going Down a Step
Assume that you will need extra knowledge or training and have the confidence that the endeavor you are beginning later in life will be beneficial

While still caring for their children, Charlotte pursued her education to become a nutritionist with the help and encouragement of her husband. According to her, having a financial safety net or continuing to work in your existing position while bootstrapping the business on the side is essential for getting the idea off the ground.

She adds that staying up until midnight is a good indicator of how badly you want something because if you do, you won’t be able to sleep until then.

7. Always be on the lookout for fresh perspectives, and make it a habit to engage in lateral thinking in all facets of your life; these skills will serve you well at the appropriate time in your professional life

Charlotte takes pleasure in her ability to adapt her approach to suit the requirements of the situation. In the past, her husband held a significant position in a major corporation; however, he is now the founder of a fintech company, which frees up Charlotte to pursue further “multi-career” opportunities, such as handling the accounting for the firm.

8. Pay attention to and get in touch with who you are, your priorities, and your core beliefs, and make sure to both listen to and act on what your heart tells you

After realizing that chances existed for them to do so, Charlotte, Brandon, and Diane gained the fortitude to pursue their aspirations. The voyage that Diane took to the outback appeared to be one that was effortless and natural for her, and not one that was abrupt or frantic in any way.

“It just kind of flowed and led to what I do now without it being a very difficult thing to do,” she said. I have the impression that I am confident, yet I am aware that there are still things that I do not know. I am quite receptive to the experiences that lie ahead.

The issue of whether or not to step down

It is abundantly evident that there are a great number of alternative routes leading to a successful job and contentment. Each of these routes requires consciousness or clarity about where we are heading and why. In a previous section, we discussed the ways in which the process may be sped up, as well as the ways in which the results lead to even more significance. Nevertheless, the second dominant conclusion was reflected back to us even before we started writing, and that was the question of whether or not we should stand down.

Even though it was necessary to make some sort of financial concession in all three scenarios, none of the parties involved expressed substantial remorse on that score. It’s possible that rather than taking a step down, they’re taking a step up to a whole new level of feeling and fulfillment. This experience and sense of fulfillment might very well be the answer that an increasing number of people are groping about for. It is frequently right in front of you, but maybe not in the shape that you were anticipating it to take.

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